MusicGym - Zurück zur inneren Balance


Almost every musician faced that before; the typical killjoy  " stage fright", triggered by exaggerated pressure and stress in those moments in which the musical expression and the joy should be prioritised.

 But it is not only in performance situations that mental and physical blockades can impair an unencumbered playing. Through the essential techniques of music kinesiology, many artists are now able to find their way back to their  inner balance and new expressiveness.

Soloflutist and teacher, Furugh Karimi has been gaining experience in this field for more than 20 years,amongst others as a lecturer at the Vienna University of Music.  

MusicGym contains a compilation of successfully tested, varied and further developed  exercises from the Brain-Gym® method and music kinesiology, vividly prepared for teaching and practice.

Papageno - Die Flötenschule der Kinder

I have specially aligned "PAPAGENO Flute School 1" to the needs of the youngest beginners up to about 11-year-old students of the flute, it is designed child-friendly. 


 It allows the music theory and the technical structure of the flute playing to be imaginatively and playfully learned through a deliberately chosen structure. 


The presented kinesiological exercises * deepen the essential and sustainable learning process.  They create awareness in dealing with own body and its attitude while playing, but also with a creative potential being in each of us.  

Moreover, the exercises are a way to satisfy the children's natural need for exercise and sensory-motor advancement support.  *

The exercises presented in this book are based on scientifically validated kinesiological methods; when performed according to the instructions, no side effects are expected.  However, if you experience unpleasant feelings or pain during an exercise, please consult a doctor to clarify the cause expertly.

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