Flute MasterClass

General topics covered at the Flute Masterclass

Bodywork and Strenght

Strengthen muscles through relaxation (body gymnastics).


Give impulses

Practice with joy through motivation and gymnastics.


Coordination exercises

 Play quickly the notes you see. Keep right and left brain hemispheres in balance (eyes, ears, fingers, body). No need to practice years long of terts and intervals.


Approach (Embouchure placement)

 Getting to know the anatomy of your lips, learning how to shape the lips differently in order to play correctly (short upper lip, long upper lip).



Loosen the breathe while playing, strengthen and keep it up for a long time.

Double tongue: The looser the jaw, the body and the posture are, the faster the double tongue impact will be (you do not need the flute to practice).



The appropriate physical exercises to activate the diaphragm elastically (with and without flute).



 Adjust and master the vibrato for each stylistic era (find vibrato in the high and low position and the intercostal muscles).



Enchanting the audience by a variety of colors and convincing dynamics.


Mental practice

Eliminate the technically difficult spots, through positive mental training.