About me

She was born in Tehran, Iran in 1955 and has been living in Vienna, Austria since 1978.


In 1977,after professional studies at the  Conservatory of music in Tehran, under direction of Prof. Johann Rista,she graduated with distinction and thereupon got a foreign scholarship. 


She attended the course of studies at the Vienna Academy of Music with Prof. Barbara Gisler between 1978-1984 and got a diploma with an unanimous distinction. .


1980-1982  Soloist and 1st flutist in the youth orchestra "Fest in Hellbrunn" (Salzburg).


1981 Winner of the Wanas-Foundation of  Vienna Philharmonic


1981  Concert activities as soloist in Austria, Hungary and Italy.


1982-1983 Worked as 1st flutist (+ Piccolo) at the ‘Theater an der Josefstadt’, Vienna 


1983 1st prize of the international competition of the Vienna Music Seminar.


1983-1984 1st flutist at the first Vienna Women's Chamber Orchestra.


1984 Degree of the pedagogical training for "breath, voice and movement" according to Hilde Langer-Rühls Method with Prof. Robert Wolf at the Academy of Music in Vienna.


Active participation in the master classes of solo and chamber music with Peter Lukas Graf, William Bennett, Aurèle Nicolet, Wolfgang Schulz, Werner Tripp, Arriggo Tassinari and Albert Guttmann


Since 1986  Founding of the Weber Trio Vienna including flute, Cello and piano, (former name: Moonlight Trio) and concert activities in Austria, at several festivals. 


1990  Graduated with excellent success in music education studies at the Vienna University of Music


Since 1991 Courses of  flute and teaching practice at the Music University of Vienna.


1986-1993 Member of the Vienna Music Forum, numerous concerts, world premieres and radio events. 


2001-2003 Lecturer at the international guitar seminar for chamber music in the Lockenhaus.


Since 2003 Training and practice in music kinesiology (a new creative way of coping with stress in the music profession), working in various related fields in Austria and abroad as a guest professor. 


Since 2004  Based on the decision of the Habilitation Commission, finally becoming ao. Professor in the field of Flute at the University of Vienna for music and performing arts


Since 2004 she is a renowned guest lecturer  at international seminars and masterclasses in Austria and other European countries.


This includes several invitations for training seminars and master classes, lectures at concerts, entry exams and competitions with the help of music kinesiology in: Austria (​Schacherhof, Seitenstetten, Bisamberg, Lockenhaus, Vorarlberg, Ober-Grafendorf,

Klosterneuburg, Schloss Zeillern, Campus Open-Air an der Uni Wien) 

Poland (Krakow, Warsaw, Katowice, NowyTarg) 

Greece (Mani), Thailand (Mahidol University), Germany (Neckarsulm, Wiesbaden, Leipzig)

In 2015 she publishes Papageno Flötenschule 1  in her own publishing house.

Another publication followed for all instrumentalists and singers to deepen the Papageno Flute School 1:
MusicGym - Stressfrei musizieren

From 1991 to 2020 she taught at the Music Academy for Music and Performing Arts, Vienna. She is a member of the Austrian Society for Musicians and Medicine (ÖGfMM) and a member of the german nationwide music coaching network.

*Schacherhof, Seitenstetten, Bisamberg, Lockenhaus, Vorarlberg, Ober-Grafendorf,

Klosterneuburg, Schloss Zeillern, Campus Open-Air an der Uni Wien

Furugh Karimi Djafar-Zadeh


Soloflötistin, a.o. Univ.-Prof. und Musik-Kinesiologin an der Universität für Musik und darstellende Kunst in Wien. Institut Franz Schubert

Furugh Karimi